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Villa D’Louca is available for rent throughout the year. Please note that access to Dalyan outside the peak holiday period (November through March) is limited, check out the availibilty from the airlines listed here .However, if you’re seeking a getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life and crave tranquility, sunny days, relaxation by the pool, or exploring the amazing sights, the extra effort to visit this region is well worth it.

The rental costs do not include return transfers from Dalaman Airport. The prices are as follows: £32.00p for 1 to 5 people one way, £60.00p for a return trip; £40.00p for 6 to 13 people one way, £75.00p for a return trip; and £65.00p for up to 21 people one way, £140.00p for a return trip. These are private transfers direct to the villa and operated by our managing agents Kaunos Tours.

Kindly note that changeover days are restricted to Mondays only. Guests cannot access the villa until 16:00, and it must be vacated by 11:00.

To inquire about availability, please contact Nick Hickin via email at You may also use the calendar/booking form below or the contact form, providing a brief description of your requirements, desired travel dates, and any additional questions you may have. I will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.

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